…moreover, I’ve just 8 weeks left in my beloved Denmark. In exactly 8 weeks I’ll (hopefully) arrive in Salzburg by train (yes, even the same time as right now).

It kind of seems surreal when I think about it tho…living with my other family again – yes, I got two families now. One of them had the privilege to raise me & the other helped me with the final steps of growing up. 

Right now I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends & family again. I’m 110% sure tho, that in 8 weeks I’ll cry & in 10 weeks, I’ll wish that I was back here. 

Ah yes – before I forget: during Easter my parents & my sister payed me a visit. It was an incredible week. I’m really happy, that they came all the way up here by car, so I could let them experience Denmark together with me. My dad couldn’t cope with the wind – I still can’t either  (and I already had 8 months for getting used to it).

What we did: Skagen, Den Gamle By,  Kattegatcentret, double family dinner at my host family’s place, Ebeltoft, Marselisborg Dyrehave, ARoS (photo below),…


Hello world

Nope. I’m not dead…Just been verrrry inactive 🙈 sorry for that. However, the reason I haven’t blogged in so long: I’m feeling good and at home and had better stuff to do. So actually it’s a sign of me being happy.


London has been great, but unfortunately Fini & I got quite sick (throat ache for me and additional not well being for her). And everybody who knows me, is aware of, how much I enjoy to eat. So you can imagine, how awful it was that I had to stop eating properly for a few days – even drinking hurt like hell. Anyway, it was still an awesome holiday. 

London Oxford Street (I think)

Warner Bros. Studio – Harry Potter 

Glen Coe – Scottish Highlands 


Off again 🛫

Sorry for being so inactive…

I’ve had a great time here in Denmark the last couple of days/weeks, so I enjoyed my time to the last drop rather than sharing it with you. (Sorreeeeyy)

Anyways, at the moment a lot of our vuggestuen kids are sick (throwing up & diarrhea = fuuuuunn), so yesterday we ended up having 3 kids (out of 15) to take care of. 

Instead I spent my time with some nice IKEA shelfs we got delivered on Monday. I really love building up IKEA stuff, but after doing the same shelf over and over again, the fifth time wasn’t that fun anymore. 

And tomorrow I’ll fly to London together with the twins and stay there till Friday, on which we’ll continue our journey to Edinburgh (Laura we’re coming!!!).


Yup, as you might have guessed from the title: it was quite cold today (I’m happy to announce that nevertheless even my freezing hands survived today).

We had an awesome trip to a small forest with the vuggestue kids today. Just getting back to the kindergarten was a little bit hard with half of them freezing almost as bad as I was.

And now I just came back home from volleyball practice (finally feeling warm yayyy) which was great fun today (:

I’m looking forward to tomorrow since Josefine & me are gonna go to a concert in Århus tomorrow night (Gregory Alan Isakov). 


Today was quite relaxed. As long as I was still home alone I finished the housework, took a shower and prepared the Mexican layer salad, we would then eat for dinner. 

As my family returned, I played a little bit with Willum which I really enjoyed. At 3pm the whole neighbourhood met up at the shared playground next to our hous in order to celebrate Fastelavn. In Denmark that includes kids hitting a ton with baseball bats until it breaks and candy come ‘s out :’D pretty weird tradition I guess.

Now I’m excited for my Midterm Seminar which is gonna start tomorrow (: 


The last couple of days…

Thursday evening I was invited for dinner at a friend’s place in Aarhus together with 4 other volunteers. We made tacos and I ate wayyyy too much (we also had ice cream afterwards).

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay as long as I would have wanted to, since I had to work the next morning, still it was lots of fun.

And yesterday my host family left for a family birthday on the west coast of Denmark, they’ll probably return tomorrow around lunchtime  (: 

So because I’m having the house for myself, Livia & Josefine spent the last night here. We watched some series and made pizza:

This morning I, of course,jhhhn had to be up at around 7:45. Since I couldn’t fall asleep again, I did some housework and started with prepping for breakfast. 

Now I’m tired as hell, so I’m gonna go to bed now (:


Another amazing day is coming to an end. Today was pretty basic: work from 9 till 16:45 & then right afterwards sprogskole & home (: 

Unfortunately no real family time today, that’s what bugs me a little bit on Wednesdays, but that’s just how it is. 

This morning was just so beautiful: -4 degrees and blue sky. You can really see that it’s getting spring soon, today we still had sun at 5pm. Whereas two months ago, it was totally dark when I was on my way to the language school.

Mandag – Monday – Montag

Today we went on a tour into the woods with the vuggestue kids. Since it’s uge 7, we just had 8 children instead of 15. 

In the forest we got into some pretty serious action. (I have to admit that all of us adults were probably 110% more thrilled than any of the kids :’D)

Because we didn’t have as many children as usually to take care of, the day was quite calm (: 

My afternoon included doing some laundry (I really enjoy doing laundry…is that weird?), playing with Willum, starting to pack my suitcase for the Midterm seminar / Vienna, being rejected by Willum again and finally some Brooklyn Nine-Nine (great series I started watching on Saturday). 

Jeg er tilbage!

Okay, it’s been a while since my last blog entry & I ain’t got a single excuse why I haven’t been active….because actually I’d have had lots of time since I was ill again for a few days (just coughing, but a lot of that). 

Otherwise I’m great (: it’s been feeling 110% like home here since I’ve returned from Austria after Christmas. 

This morning I spent together with my 5 year old host brother Willum. We played with cars and made some puzzles. Moreover we also cleaned my bathroom together (of course with his help it might have taken a little bit longer, but therefore it was way more fun ;)).

Right now I’m sitting on the sofa at Farmor and Farfar’s place, watching Willum & Felix play with Lego (Danish brand; name stands for “leg godt” = “play well”). We were invited for coffee & cake and aftensmad, because she had her birthday a while ago. 

And since tomorrow uge 7 starts, the kindergarten isn’t going to be as full as usually, because it’s the school’s vinterferie. So kids with older siblings usually also stay at home. Vitus & Willum for example got the whole week off. (: 


It finally really feels like home here in Denmark. When I came back and got sick, that obviously sucked :’D

But now that I’m well again, it’s going great. I love my new job in vuggestuen, although it’s very different with the small ones comparing it to the 4/5 year old group. 

Here’s a photo from yesterday at work. We went out with the kids to a place we call sth with fitness (the next word is sth like “bage” but no idea how you spell it).

They played for a while and then we ate madpakke. That’s the view we had -usually you can see a forest in the back…

In the evening I had volleyball with Josefine and I drove her home afterwards. I couldn’t see a single thing that happened on the street.
Today was a nice day as well, tiring but nice (: although sprogskolen was quite boring. Now I’m watching Master Chef Australia…I’m basically addicted to it.